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Hands Design -
Product Design Studio

Design Services

Hands Design is a product design studio based in London, UK, specializing in bespoke designs for businesses and individuals. Established in 1992, the business offers a wide range of design services including product design, packaging design, graphic design, and website design. The team at Hands Design draws inspiration from the customer's brand identity, target audience, and market trends to create unique and innovative designs. Hands Design also provides printing and fabrication services to meet various design needs for businesses and individuals. The business has made a significant impact in London Chinatown, having completed designs for numerous retail businesses, and prides itself on its versatility and commitment to delivering high-quality designs. Hands Design is committed to offering competitive prices and customized solutions, putting customers first. The target audience visiting their website would be businesses seeking high-quality, customized design services, including entrepreneurs looking to start or rebrand their retail business. Located in the bustling city of London, Hands Design stands out with its unique and innovative approach to product design services.

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